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Social Media Management

Your customers are on social media and they are looking for your business.


Social media takes time and with so many options it can be overwhelming for your business to dedicate the time needed.
You don’t want to just exist on social media, you want to engage and be helpful.


Let Blue Anchor Digital manage your social media

Most small to medium size companies don’t have the extra staff available to create a consistent social media presence.
That’s where we can help – we will manage your social media plan, so your company has a consistent presence online.


Social Media Management takes the stress out of being social.


How we do it

  • Determine which platforms your audience are on regularly
  • Research keywords and hashtags to include in your posts
  • Watch for relevant industry trends & news to create engagement
  • Add that human touch by acknowledging holidays and important industry dates
  • Create & schedule posts (with your approval!)

Let’s get started

Contact us to perform an audit of your Social Media and create a plan of action.


You need to be social – your customers are looking for you!