Everyone knows that social media is a crucial part of any modern-day marketing plan, but maneuvering each of the platforms and figuring out how to use each one to its fullest can be a daunting task. Facebook, for instance, is a place to build an ongoing community and stable presence where customers and potential customers can come with questions and gather information. Instagram is a great place to share beautiful and interesting pictures that are going to keep your product and brand in the customer’s mind and develop your individual story. Pinterest is an excellent place to share how-tos and tips that incorporate your business’ expertise. Twitter, on the other hand, is a more fast-paced platform that changes constantly.

Here’s a summary of some of the most common social media choices for businesses and an infographic.


Infographic with descriptions of how social media platforms work for business

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Use Twitter to build connections with a relevant audience. With its wide reach, it is an effective way to market your business and an effective channel for handling customer service.


Largest social network, a great place to build a brand following and engage with your followers. Use FB to share the company’s personality via photos, videos, company updates & more. Engage your market through posts and targeted ads.


A visual platform to promote your business through images and videos, showcase behind the scenes images and customers using products.


Business platform great for showcasing company updates & products, connecting with prospects and establishing credibility.


A visually oriented network. Promote your products, ideas and solutions. Users save articles and images by “pinning” to their boards.

Social Media is a great way for your business to interact with customers, respond quickly and build brand loyalty. You don’t need to be on all the platforms just choose the ones where your audience is active.

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Here’s an infographic for Social Media image sizes. 

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