Is your website optimized for SEO? Get started with our SEO Checklist!


Why Pay for SEO Services?

Improving your rank in search engines takes time and most businesses don’t have the time to commit to correct SEO practices.

The purpose of your website is to improve your visibility and increase business. Don’t fall victim to the belief that if we build it, they will come – it takes time and effort to get people to your site and that’s where an SEO plan helps. 


    • Define your target audience
    • Determine the keywords/phrases that your customers are using
    • Identify opportunities
    • Define the competition
    • Customize your SEO plan

    Services we offer:

    • Monitor keywords monthly
    • HeatMaps showing how visitor view your pages
    • Monthly Google Analytics reports
    • Create & submit a sitemap to Google & Bing
    • Submit site to online directories
    • Content review
    • Review page descriptions & titles
    • Social media posts
    • Backlinks
    • Blog articles

    Once we analyze the scope of your project, a custom SEO Plan will be created for you.

    Every plan varies depending on the needs of the company.

    Not ready to commit to a full plan?  If you prefer to work on SEO yourself but don’t want to pay for all the software and programs, the DIY Plan is a great alternative.

    We have the tools and we’ll provide monthly SEO reports to assist you.

    If you need guidance we are here to help.