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We Help Businesses Increase Their Online Visibility

Your next customer is looking for you online, will they find you?


Does your online presence need to be rescued?


Running your business day-to-day is your priority and you don’t always have the time to manage your SEO, website and/or social media – that’s where we can help!


Blue Anchor Digital Marketing specializes in Digital Marketing to increase your visibility so your next customer can find you.

How we help:


We help your customers find your company online by improving the position of your website in search engines and driving more traffic to your site.

Website Design

We can update your existing site or create a new one to improve your online presence and engagement with visitors.

Social Media

We’ll help you use the right social media platforms to build relationships between your business and your customers.

Based in Seattle, we work with companies located throughout the West Coast and beyond to improve their online engagement.

Creating a few social profiles, launching a website and randomly sending emails does not create engagement. Building a presence and loyal following takes commitment. Most small to mid-size businesses do not have the resources to commit to their digital marketing – that’s where we come in.

Think of Blue Anchor Digital as your virtual marketing manager.

Are you ready to commit to your new digital marketing plan? Let’s get started!